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7 Things You May Not Need to Know About Me

I was tagged by Julie Squires, in the 7 Things meme.  This is the first meme I’ve been tagged in (just like Julie), hopefully it will jump start my blogging again, which has been slack since starting my new job back in August.  It has been very enjoyable to read all the things I don’t need to know about all of my PLN members!

7 Things:

  • Education is my second career.  At this point I can say it is the one I was truly meant for.  Both of my parents were teachers, so being a bit rebellious, education was not something I even wanted to consider.  I went off to college and majored in Environmental Health.  After graduating I worked as Quality Control in a few different places. I did quality control for a food manufacturer, testing salad dressings and pickles.  I also worked quality control in a radio-pharmaceutical company that made sodium iodide capsules for thyroid imaging.
  • I love History.  I wanted to major in History when I went to college, but my parents told me if I did that, about the only thing I could do was become a teacher. (see above)
  • I began my teaching career as a Biology teacher.  And because of my experience in industry in the late 80s, when computers began arriving at schools in the early 90s I had experience with them, and ended up teaching Computer Science 1/2 of the day and acting as Network Administrator the other 1/2.
  • I met my husband online.  Yes, a little unorthodox for some, but it worked for me.  He was the first one who could answer my challenge to name 3 movies with Mark Knopfler soundtracks.  Can you?
  • I have been a Scottish Highland Dancer since I was 7. Most of my peers played some sort of sport, my dad had us in Highland Dance as our sport.  Because of this I’ve been involved with the Colorado St. Andrew Society and Rocky Mountain Highland Dancers for many years.  So, yes, I like bagpipes!  
  • When I met my husband to be, I had already planned my dream summer.  Since changing careers I longed to spend a summer in Europe, the planets had finally aligned, and that summer was planned! Then I met my future husband, and marriage was discussed.  Because he is such a wonderful person, he joined me for part of that summer, and we were married in Scotland, at the Bunchrew House/Hotel.  Yes, he even wore a kilt, and a there is an online photo. I stayed for my planned holiday, and he returned to work.
  • In 2006 I was an exchange teacher in Melbourne, Australia.  Okay, so some of you knew this, but it is such an important piece of who I am now, it must be mentioned.   

So, there you have it.  7 things you don’t really need to know about me.  So many in my PLN have already been tagged with this meme, that it is difficult to find someone to pass this on too.  I’d like to tag Marie Coleman to participate in this meme, and while she hasn’t been as active on Plurk lately I still consider a very important part of my PLN, I would also like to tag Donna Hebert.


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