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This week, we’ve moved into more of a workshop mode. We had most of each day to work on producing our game. I have to say this has made me realize what a lousy programmer I am! I honestly don’t process information the way I need to, in order to be a good programmer. I know this is odd, since I’ve taught Computer Science for several years. Being able to acknowledge this I think takes me out of the competitive zone, programming teachers can get into. I’m admitting from the start, I’m not on their level, so I don’t have to prove myself with the code I write. Just going on here, probably more than needed because of some of the egos participating at TGI…..I’ll let it go now.

I do appreciate the holistic approach that DU has given us for game development. That piece is really what I’ve been looking for. This process incorporates math, writing, reading, art and programming, as well as some basic computer skills.

Over the next two weeks, while the 9th and 10th grade girls are here for Game Camp, we are to develop some curriculum for our classes, using what we’ve learned here.  For me chances are good I will not be returning to the classroom in August, and that I will be joining the Department of Online Education. I hope to translate what I’ve learned here into an online course for teachers on teaching game development, and using a more holistic approach.  To me this seems a better use of my time and approach.  However, I would admit I’m torn.

Today we also had to complete an evaluation of the Assessment Rubric, they’ve created here at DU for game development.  Here’s a link (hope it works) to the  TGI  Assessment  Rubric.  This rubric is very comprehensive, and sets out just what you could do with game development in your classroom.


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